Mahesh breaking the tradition?

Ever since the news of Superstar Mahesh Babu showing interest in the remake of super hit Tamil action thriller Thani Oruvan was broken this morning, Super fans and even fans of other stars are betting high on whether Mahesh will break his 16-year old tradition. Confused? Well, Mahesh made his acting debut in 1999 with Rajakumarudu.

In these 16 years, Mahesh Babu never acted in a remake film. This staggering feat itself speaks volumes about Mahesh’s penchant for acting in original stories. Mahesh himself revealed in several interviews that he does not find remakes interesting since it is nothing but a repetition of an already proven script.

However, with reports of director Jayam Raja arranging special show of Thani Oruvan for Mahesh, and the Superstar reportedly quite impressed with the film, it is highly likely that Mahesh will indeed break his own set tradition of not doing remakes. Meanwhile, Ram Charan is also said to be in talks with the director to remake the film in Telugu. – See more at:



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